Refund Policy

Refunds or Exchanges
Each subscription ordered from is managed by our local publishers. If you haven't received a print copy of the magazine(s) you've ordered within 90 days please let us know and we will refund or exchange your Edible subscription.

Delivery of Print Subscriptions
Most Edible magazines print four times a year—with a few exceptions. Please refer to the "Frequency" section of your email receipt to see if your magazines will be delivered 4, 5, or 6 times a year. Local magazine ship at various times during the year and will arrive via USPS.

**Please keep your email receipt**
Your email receipt contains the contact email and phone number of each local publishers of the magazine(s) you've purchased. Please contact them with any questions regarding your subscription.

Gift Cards issued before 9/1/2021
If you've purchased or were the recipient of an Edible Subscription Gift Card for the past promotion of "2 for $45 or 3 for $60" please reach out to us for a special code to redeem the discounted offer.

Contact us directly at Edible Subscriptions with any problems and we'll be happy to help:
Phone: +1 513-297-0810